Exciting Marine Life and where to see it

Living things don’t need to serve us to justify their existence but every marine animal has something unique to offer humankind. They can provide food, leisure and enjoyment, or medical compounds to combat our diseases. They also form part of a web of living things that keeps our environment in a natural balance. This protects us as much as any other living thing.

Click on the links and you can find out about weird and wonderful animals and also where to see them.

Plankton – The smallest things are often the most important.

Algae (seaweeds) – from simple microscopic cells to giant underwater forests.

Birds – Whether they fly or dive these mini-dinosaurs still dominate our skies.

Amphibians and Reptiles – Turtles and Crocs often hit the headlines.

Insects – The Lord of the Flies is more than just a pest at the beach.

Sea Mammals – they are cute, but that’s not all you need to know.

Molluscs – from slimy snails and beautiful shells, to the most intelligent animals in the sea.

Crustaceans and arthropods – The seafood buffet has a back story.

Worms – we have hooked a vast array of weird animals.

Jellies, corals and other colourful bottom dwellers – a story with a sting

Echinoderms – Starfish, urchins and other things that look like poo but need love too.

Fish – stories about the ones that got away.