Seadragons Dive Group

[Marine Life is happy to host information on the following new Tasmanian Scuba diving network.]


Seadragons is a Tasmanian scuba diving group, based in Hobart and Devonport but with members around the State. Seadragons’ goals are to foster scuba diving in a safe, inclusive, educational and fun environment. It is run by volunteers and is structured to provide accessible diving for people from all walks of life including young, old, male, female and families. Did we mention fun!!!

It’s easy on-line networking, offers a variety of diving and social events, interesting information, no meetings, is happy to mentor newer divers and Seadragons only has one annoying form just at the start (to cover off all the legal fluff).

You will also get a subscription to Marine Life Magazine (it’s free and spam free).

Why network with a dive group like Seadragons?
1. Meet other divers – let’s face it your mates are too busy working or aren’t as keen. 

2. Continue improving your experience and skills – use it or lose it.

3. Discover local dive sites – we don’t go to the same places all the time, ever dived Rocky Cape, the Betsey Island wrecks, or Twin Peaks? 

4. Enjoy some dive travel – suggestions have varied from a weekender in Melbourne, Cairns, Coron wrecks, East Timor, Bali or maybe even the U.K. and the Red Sea. Members have recently visited Lord Howe Island and Bali.

5. Get access to useful information - Did you know there is probably a good dive site very close to your house?

6. Share your knowledge

7. Get access to gear

8. Discover new activities – ever heard of “muck diving”

9. Be safe and help others to be safe.

10. It’s ritual free and hassle free as much as it can be, it’s all on-line and there are no formal meetings

Joining Us

To participate in Seadragons scuba dives you need to

- be a fully certified through a recognised dive training agency. We can direct you to an instructor if you need more training.

- fill out a membership form with sign our medical statement. Fees are $24 p.a. or $18 concessional. We allow two free introductory dives before you need to pay any subscriptions. We will even let you pay as you go a flat daily dive rate if you prefer. That’s only $2 a month and helps us pay government fees, and save up for some more safety gear and other goodies you can use.

Click here for Our on-line form (for dive membership and event participation)

You can also join as an affiliate for free, if you just want to get information and won’t be diving with us. You can also like us on Facebook.

Click here just to get emails and information as an affiliate member for free.


or check us out on Facebook


Some Promotional material (please send to friends)

Click here for the 1 page Summary brochure

Click here for the Members Welcome brochure, a little more detail and some nice pictures.


OTHER RESOURCES (for members and dive organisers)

This is for members or interested people who want more dive safety information or would like to run a Seadragons dive. Click here if you would like the Dive Organisers Manual.

Click here if you would like the Members Diving Guide (very basic member safety recommendations and policies).

Click here if you would like the BSAC SAFE DIVING GUIDELINES that are endorsed by Seadragons. As these standards are for recreational diving in cooler waters, we have adopted them to avoid confusion about which standards are better.

Click here if you would like to link to MAST Boating Information (basic boat licensing, emergency information and minimum gear.

Click here for Government run Marine radio operators courses

Click here if you would like to link to MAST’S MARINE RADIO GUIDE

Click here for BSAC’s Boating safety Guide