The Big Blue Marine Community Expo

Big Blue logo.pngAlbert Hall Launceston

Sunday 11 February 2018, 10am to 4pm

Fish, Birds, Photography, Diving, Water Sports, Travel, Science News, Marine Ecology, Kids Play and other fun 

Discussion theme: The State of the Tamar River

Sponsored by: Seadragons Dive Group, QVMAG, NRM North, IMAS, CSIRO, Seahorse World, Go Dive, filmaker Dan Monceaux, DPIPWE, UUC.

Recommended donation $5 per person or family






Set up Albert Hall




Forum State of the Tamar


Tamar Room

NRM North

Katherine Pugh

David Maynard


Miniature worlds in the sea

Tamar Room

Nicole Hennessey


Scientists in the field, by video link to MV “Investigator”

Tamar Room

Dr Ben Arthur CSIRO


Marine Predators of the Southern Ocean through Art and Research

Tamar Room

Dr Annalise Rees and team


New Film, Cuttlefish Country

Tamar Room

Dan Monceaux South Australian filmmaker and environmentalist



Key part of Ocean Life (and they taste good too)

Tamar Room

Chris Mabin


Forum – Marine Science QI Quiz

Fun Facts with input from the audience

Tamar Room

David Maynard, Nicole Hennessey, Chris Mabin, Kathryn Pugh,

Dan Monceaux

Michael Jacques

Annalise Rees

Quenton Higgs


Pack Up Albert Hall


Following Saturday

Try a Dive 17 Feb

Go Dive??

West Tamar Council Pool Riverside


Andrew Fitzpatrick





Interactive Theme and follow up

Ocean Robots

Darryn Sward IMAS

Ground floor

Glassed-in lobby

See the Seabotix LVB 300 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and footage of deployments

Images of the


QVMAG David Maynard

Settlers Gallery generally upper and lower

Static display, meet the photographer

QVMAG/Seahorse World Invertebrates of the Tamar

Ground floor

Glassed-in lobby

Aquarium display, seafans, coral, and feather duster worms

Seahorse World

Seahorses of the Tamar

Ground floor

Glassed-in lobby

Seahorse tank

Seadragons Dive Group & Marine Life Magazine

Settlers Gallery

Breathe from a scuba tank

Kids Touch tank, Feral Sea Animals

NRM North

Tamar- mountains to the sea

Ground floor

Glassed-in lobby

Tamar catchment water quality, unique and threatened and coastal species

DPIPWE – Threatened Species Unit

Settlers Gallery

Threatened Marine Species

Marine theme Arts and Crafts

Benita Vincent/Sue Byrne

Lower floor

Settlers Gallery


Dan Monceaux – South Australian environmentalist and filmmaker. He is completing his first environmental computer game for children.

Upper floor

Settlers Gallery

The “Cuttle Scuttle” Computer game teaches kids about life on rocky reefs in temperate waters, from the perspective of a cuttlefish.

Plastics other Rubbish Seadragons/Jon Bryan

Lower floor

Settlers Gallery

What happens to seabirds and other animals.

How much garbage is there in the world’s oceans,


Krill, water quality, algal blooms Dr Phil Butterworth, James Bramich, Nicole Hennessey


Settlers Gallery

Micro life in a microscope, see the life in a drop of seawater.

Algal blooms.

Fishcare, DPIPWE

Upper floor mezzanine

Display, fishing pool,

fish dissection

Dr Annalise Rees/IMAS

Upper floor mezzanine

Education program for kids that teaches kids about Southern Ocean ecology with arts and animal tracking devices as the main theme. Plenty of drawing too.

Threatened Species Unit DPIPWE

Upper floor mezzanine


IMAS Sea Urchin Project

& RedMap

Dr John Keane

Critical Sea Urchin research and aquarium




Door Prize Quiz –     Take a quiz form. If you can answer the questions

you are in the running for a prize

All the answers are available on the displays